Funny Debate Topics

Funny Debate Topics: Debate is one of the best ways to strengthen the students’ language skills, improve their vocabulary as well as fluency.

A good number of students may be shy to talk in front of the class. This may change if you engage the students with debates more so by introducing fun debate topics.

Find a collection of Funny Debate Topics, Silly Debate Topics, Hilarious Debate Topics, and Funny Topics to Debate.

These funny debate topics will get one engaged and talking.

Funny Debate Topics

Should robots have faces?

Is it OK to keep secrets from your partner?

Living forever would be terrible.

December is the best month.

Should arguments in a couple be avoided or encouraged?

Smartphones are making us stupid.

Which gender is better?

The best way to cut a pizza is in squares.

Are long-distance relationships worth it?

School lunches are basically junk food.

Should people date a partner much older than themselves?

It would be terrible to know what other people are thinking all the time.

Are men with beards more attractive than clean-shaven men?

Can men ever know what a woman wants?

Chocolate ice cream is better than vanilla.

Children should have the right to vote.

Summer is better than winter.

Should dating between co-workers be allowed?

Being really short is better than being really tall.

Life is easy when you’re beautiful.

Dance is not really a sport.

Pizza is better than pasta.

Reality TV is harmful to society.

Clowns are scary.

Mondays are the worst day.

Flying is the best superpower.

Being really tall is better than being really short.

Cats are better pets than dogs.

Should we kiss with open or with closed eyes?

Should men and women have different roles in a relationship?

The Earth might actually be flat.

Children should have to work for their allowance.

Mcdonald’s is the best fast food restaurant.

Is online dating good or bad?

Is sex before marriage wrong?

Do men actually gossip more than women?

Silly Debate Topics

15 minutes of fame or staying behind the scenes?

Why Coke is better than Pepsi

Bon Jovi vs. The Rock for president

Pizza in a square is better than pizza in a triangle

Is contemporary art as good as classical art?

Are movies better than books?

Best Star Wars character

Pizza is more delicious than a hamburger.

If Harry Potter-like magic existed, should it be legal?

There are aliens living among us.

Time doesn’t really exist.

Instagram famous vs. Twitter famous?

Are The Beatles overrated?

Pizza or pasta

Going out or Netflix and chilling?

Is everything fair in love and war?

Santa Claus is EVIL

Teenagers should have after-school jobs.

Men gossip more than women

What do women really want in a man?

Is Wile E. Coyote the victim, rather than the Road Runner?

There would be no war if all the world leaders were women.

Did Han Solo shoot before Greedo?

Is Marvel better than DC?

Should everyone on earth get 3 wishes at the same time?

Is Star Wars better than Star Trek?

A gorilla would win in a fight with a bear.

What pizza toppings are the best?

Is Bansky’s work real art or just a stunt?

Are e-books better than paper books?

Is Harry Potter better than The Lord of the Rings?

Mcdonalds is the best fast food restaurant of all time.

Is Friends better than How I Met Your Mother?

Why students should receive their letter from Hogwarts

Would you rather be the hero or the sidekick?

Is American Idol better than The X Factor?

Medicine vs. Engineering

Why Friends is better than How I Met Your Mother

American Idol vs. The X Factor

Would you give up a finger in exchange for a million dollars?

Does age really matter in a relationship?

Are cats better than dogs?

Is music getting worse over time?

What’s important: beauty vs. brains?

Hilarious Debate Topics

Which is better: night dreaming or daydreaming?

Should science be optional in middle school?

Is science more important than art in school?

Should a student be allowed to use Twitter, Facebook, or other social media sites in school?

Are clowns funny or scary?

Is the Barbie doll a good role model for girls?

Should teachers too have a uniform in schools?

Are children smarter than adults?

Is playing video games bad for children’s health?

If Harry Potter magic was real, should it be legalized?

Santa’s elves ought to be paid minimum wage

Does playing video games actually increase IQ levels?

Santa Clause vs. the Easter bunny

Santa Claus should get a makeover

Do nursery rhymes carry hidden messages?

Who is likely to be more successful: introverts or extroverts?

Should a kid be allowed to keep secrets from parents?

Are smartphones making kids smart or stupid?

Do video games make kids smarter?

America accent vs. British accent

Oatmeal cookies vs. raisin cookies

Should we stop teaching handwriting in school?

Which Football is the real Football? The game they play all over the world or the game played in the USA & Canada?

Should a kid be allowed to get tattoos?

Why homework should be abolished from the school system

Is being politically correct the end of civilization as we know it?

Should students be banned from using phones during class?

Would you rather be a pirate or a ninja?

Why nursery rhymes are actually quite twisted

Should homework be banned?

Are beauty pageants hurting children’s self-esteem?

Funny Topics to Debate

Who is guilty of harassment. Wyle E. Coyote or The Road Runner?

Is it better to be rich with no friends or poor with many friends?

Wonder Woman is better looking than Batman.

Summer is better than winter. Agree or disagree?

Should humans eat to live or live to eat?

Who are better teachers? Men or women?

Cats vs. Dogs

Humans are the most dangerous animals on the planet. Agree or disagree?

Candy should be given as a reward in class. Agree or disagree?

Playing video games is bad for health. Agree or disagree?

Kids are smarter than grown-ups. Agree or disagree?

What’s more important? Being good-looking or being smart?

Math is an important subject to learn. Agree or disagree?

Bottled water vs. Regular Water: What’s the fuss?

It is important to wear a uniform at school. Agree or disagree?

Why do fish make the ultimate pets

Cycling is better than skiing.

Should teachers have to wear a school uniform?

Would you like to live forever?

Marvel is better than DC

Children under 16 should be allowed to vote. Agree or disagree?

Should students be allowed to use cell phones in class?

Which is a better dessert? Cake or ice cream?

Are bad words bad?

Children shouldn’t be allowed cell phones until they are over 18. Agree or disagree?

Twilight vs. The Vampire Diaries

What’s the best pizza toping?

This debate should make America great again.

Mcdonald’s is the best fast food restaurant. Agree or disagree?

Does Batman make a good male role model?

Students should be paid to go to school. Agree or disagree?

Is social media just making it easier for people to stalk others?

Are school uniforms even necessary?

Aliens may be living among us. Agree or disagree?

‘Smart phones’ make us stupid. Agree or disagree?

Can you be best buds with your boss?

Which is better? Tap water or bottled water?

Would you rather be good at sports or good at exams?

What came first? The chicken or the egg?

No one should ever tell a lie. Agree or disagree?

Homework should be banned. Agree or disagree?

Clowns are scary. Agree or disagree?

Rock n Roll music or Hip Hop?

Which makes a better pet? Cats or dogs?

Would you rather be really big or really small?

The classic Egg Nog is better than Hot chocolate

Funny Debate Topics for College Students

Is it better to be one of the “jocks” or one of the “nerds”?

Is STEM education more valuable than training in humanities?

Are athletic scholarships giving an unfair advantage to some students?

Are college students drinking too much alcohol?

Why do we talk and act like we are drunk when we become exhausted?

Is finals week too stressful for students?

What comics are funny but educational?

Are college degrees overrated?

If you could turn into an animal, which one would you choose to be?

Should every campus have a ‘safe space’?

Why did we start celebrating Halloween Day?

How to stop being a couch potato?

Is there any point in having a business degree?

Have college campuses become too ‘woke’?

What are some positive sides of energy drinks and coffee?

Should dorms be mixed gender?

What makes people mispronounce .gif?

Who is the funniest historical figure, and why?

Which is a more valuable degree – medicine or engineering?

Is cheerleading a sport?

Would you rather be good at exams or good at sports?

What are some ways to fund a trip around the world?

Are graduation ceremonies too boring?

Is spring break overrated?

Should alcohol be allowed in dorms?

What is the philosophy behind Assassin’s Creed?