Social Media Debate Topics

Social Media Debate Topics: Social media has become part and parcel of many people’s lives. It cannot take a day without checking social media.

More apps are being developed each day. Therefore, Social media is not going anywhere, it is here to stay. Due to its many contentious issues, it makes it a good topic to debate about.

If you are searching for social media topics to talk about then you came to the right place.

Social Media Debate Topics

Does social media help or hinder free speech?

Is social bad for mental health?

Should social media companies be allowed to show advertisements?

Facebook and Instagram can easily become addictive and even dangerous because of constant dependence on peer pressure and bullying.

Is social media addictive?

Should children be allowed to use social media?

Should social media be allowed to limit free speech?

Does social media make us less social?

Is social media making us stupid?

Is social media ruining society?

Can news on social media be trusted?

There is very little to almost no control as to what information is shared on Facebook, Instagram, or any other site.

Should social media companies take responsibility for spreading fake news?

As college students spend time online, their grades drop and performance lowers.

Is social media destroying creativity?

When is it okay for social media companies to ban people from their platforms?

Social influence and peer pressure is the most damaging form of advertising.

Should politicians be banned from social media if they spread misinformation?

Social Media Topics to Talk About

Excessive online interaction negatively impacts physical interaction.

Is social media a threat to democracy?

Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat influencers should be regulated and clearly marked in videos, tweets and posts.

There is a negative impact on body image among young people.

Is Facebook too powerful?

Should news be allowed on social media?

Sharing of information on Facebook or Instagram can violate personal privacy.

Is social media healthy?

Is social media a force for good or bad?

Is social media out of control?