Debate Topics for Teens

Debate Topics for Teens: Here are some potential debate topics for teenagers. These are just a few ideas, and there are many other potential debate topics that could be relevant and interesting to teenagers.

Debate Topics for Teens

Should social media platforms be more heavily regulated to prevent online bullying and harassment?

Is the use of standardized testing an effective way to measure academic achievement?

Should the minimum voting age be lowered to 16 or 17?

Is the use of violent video games harmful to teenagers’ mental health?

Should the government do more to combat climate change?

Should the use of plastic straws be banned?

Is the current criminal justice system effective in addressing and preventing crime?

Should the sale of tobacco and nicotine products be restricted or banned to people under the age of 21?

Should schools be required to provide mental health resources and support for students?

Is it fair for students to be required to wear uniforms to school?