Medical Debate Topics

Medical Debate Topics: Debates are where we have two sides discussing topics each side opposing. A good number of debates always aim towards reaching an agreement.

The medical field has so many debate topics to discuss. The debates are always a very challenging task for both sides, each aiming at outperforming the other.

If you are searching for debate topics about medical, then you came to the right place.

Find a collection of Medical Debate Topics to debate about.

Medical Debate Topics

Can Having Sex Become An Addiction

Are There More Than Two Genders

IVF v/s adoption.

Is Coronavirus real?

Should healthcare services for all citizens be fully funded by governments?

Who is contributing more to medicine? General Physicians versus Surgeons.

Is Abortion Considered Murder

Healthcare should be universal.

People should be legally required to get vaccines.

What Measures Can Be Taken To Prevent Pregnant Women From Getting Infected By Zika Virus

How Good Are Bananas

Should we Isolate AIDS Patients

The drinking age should be 18.

Alternative medicine and its impact on healthcare future.

Do You Get Healthy Through Diet Or Through Exercise

Is Circumcision Effective in Controlling Spread of Diseases

Does Playing Video Games Lead To Childhood Obesity

Branded medicines or generic drugs?

Ways Parents Can Improve Their Children’s Intelligence

What is the Effect of Vaccination on Autism and homosexuality

Should human genome editing be legalized?

All people should be vegetarians.

Vaccination is necessary or not.

Healthcare and politics: should one field be completely autonomous from another?

Is it correct for a doctor to have emotional relationships with his patients or professional relationships only.

What Are the Safety Measures Hospitals Undertake To Prevent HIV From Spreading

Birth control should be for sale over the counter.

According To WHO, Playing Video Games Is A Disorder

Do You Like Avocados

What Are Your Concerns About Ebola

Are Fruits Considered As Great Snacks

Does globalization promote universal healthcare?

Is Vaccinating Children Safe

Are store Products safe For Use

Is Euthanasia justified?

Euthanasia should be banned.

Cancer Caused By The Environment Is on the Increase

Should Alcohol Advertising be Banned

Compare Canned Vegetable Nutrition to Fresh Vegetables

The sale of human organs should be legalized.

Should nurses and doctors share equal social respect or not.

Does Wearing Braces Feel Like Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic procedures should be covered by health insurance.

How Effective Are The Homeopathy Treatments

Organ donation and cadaver donation versus disposing of a cadaver via religious rituals.

What Is Your Perspective On Hand Dryers From Public Restrooms Spreading Bacteria

How Safe Are GMOs to Eat

Is mandatory vaccination a means of ensuring the proper health of the population?

Debate Topics About Medical

Does genetic screening of embryos devalue human life?

Are Cat Bites More Dangerous Than Dog Bites

Should Cancer Be Left Untreated

How Important Are Bubble Baths?

What Do You Think Of Vaccinations?

Pro-life v/s pro-choice in abortions.

Does technology promote human health?

How Much Sugar Should Kids Eat

Is medical data sharing a threat to privacy?

Do You Support Abortion

What Extra Measure Should We Take To Curb Ebola

How Different Are Animal Reactions To Human Reaction

What Is The Effect of Contacts on Human Eyes

Is the Medical Council of India taking enough measures to improve healthcare or is there no improvement at all.

Artificial intelligence in medicine, a welcome change?

What is the Relation of Cell Phones To Brain Tumor

How Is Abortion Murder

Can A Recipient of An Organ Acquire Allergies From The Donor

Microbeads: Causes of Water Pollution

Will the country’s medical standards enhance if the administrative power is given to the private sector instead of the Government bodies?

What is the Effect of Complaining On Their Health

Should alternative medicine be banned in India?

Obesity should be labeled a disease.

How Effective Are Safe Sex Practices in Curbing Spread of HIV

Should We Blame Doctors For Opioid Epidemic

Should animal experimentation be banned?

Modern healthcare and antibiotics.

Should Animal Testing Be Banned

Should We Ban Foods That Are Genetically Modified

Are there Too Many Pumpkin Flavored Food Stuffs

Can competition improve healthcare services qualities?

Sexual orientation is determined at birth.

Is drug legalization sound from the perspective of healthcare?

Commercial surrogacy in poorer countries is exploitative.

What is the Effect of Unhealthy Parents on the Health of Their Children

Should human genes be patented?

Should More People Contribute Towards Ebola As A Cause

Are Kamagra Tablets Effective in Treating ED Problems

Constant health monitoring: Does more harm than good.

Allopathic & scientifically tested treatments versus Homeopathic & Ayurvedic treatments

Who Benefits The Most When Aborting? The Mother of the Father

Will McDonald’s Be able To rebrand Its Unhealthy Reputation

Justifying legalization of recreational marijuana from the perspective of modern healthcare: yes or no?

Eggs Vs. Meat

Childhood vaccinations should be compulsory.

How Dangerous Are Laser Pointers

Should women be the sole decision-maker in MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy)?

How Many Lives Do Cats Have

What are the Tow Different Forms of Paedophilia

Religious Healers versus Modern Medicine and Diagnosis.

Should Cosmetics Be Banned

What is The Male Preference When It Comes To Circumcised Women

Should We Blame Fast-Food Restaurants For Increased Obesity

How Impactful Rae Vacations On One’s Mental Health

Vaping should be banned.

Smoking should be banned in all public places.

What Are The Chances That Ebola And Cholera Could End The Human Race

Are Mushrooms Effective in Curing Depression

Controversial Medical Topics

Here are a few controversial medical topics that could potentially be the focus of research or discussion:

  1. The use of genetic testing and editing, including the ethical implications of such technologies
  2. The use of stem cells in medical treatment, including the potential risks and benefits
  3. The use of medical marijuana and other alternative treatments, including the potential risks and benefits
  4. The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in healthcare, including the potential risks and benefits
  5. The use of assisted reproductive technologies, including in vitro fertilization and surrogate pregnancy, and the ethical considerations involved
  6. The use of psychiatric medications, including the potential risks and benefits and the controversy surrounding the pharmaceutical industry’s influence on prescribing practices
  7. The use of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and other controversial psychiatric treatments
  8. The use of vaccines and the controversy surrounding vaccine safety and effectiveness
  9. The use of medical treatment for gender dysphoria and the role of informed consent
  10. The use of medical treatment for addiction, including the potential risks and benefits and the controversy surrounding harm reduction approaches.

These are just a few examples, and there are many other controversial medical topics that could be the focus of research or discussion.