Good Debate Topics for Kids

Good Debate Topics for Kids: It is not a bad idea to introduce kids to fun debate topics. It is highly recommended when they are schooling.

A debate is a discussion around a particular topic, supported by informed opinions and facts.

Debate in Kids helps them improve their communication skills and be confident in speeches.

If you are searching for Fun Debate Topics for Kids, then I am sure one of the below topics will inspire you to find an ideal topic.

Good Debate Topics for Kids

Digital devices should replace paper and notebooks.

How many days should Christmas break be?

Are aliens real?

Should everyone be allowed to get free lunch at school?

How long should leisure time/playtime be in a day?

Santa Claus brings presents only for good children.

Teachers or the internet, what is better?

Quiz competitions enhance knowledge.

Should schools require uniforms?

Which is better: vanilla or chocolate ice cream?

Is it okay to allow pets in school?

Should computers replace teachers?

Kids should be at least seven years old to start school

Parents should not question if kids want to attend a sleepover party.

Are cats better than dogs?

Should kids wear uniforms to school?

What’s the best Disney movie?

Disney princesses are heroic or not?

Birthday gifts should never be expensive.

Fathers and mothers should share the burden of household chores equally.

Rich countries must share their wealth with poor and developing countries.

Which is better, peanut butter or Nutella?

Little boys should not have stuffed animals.

Is it alright to cheat on a test?

Should animal testing continue?

Should PE be required for all students?

Should parents have access to the personal diary of kids?

Which is scarier: zombies or vampires?

Debate Topics for Kids

Should schools have uniforms for all students?

Should soda be banned?

Children must be allowed to listen to any music.

Should children be allowed to watch television or not at all?

Would you rather be a pirate or robot for Halloween?

Are computers replacing teachers?

Internet must be banned from the schools.

Is it important to improve your handwriting?

Should tracking devices be allowed on student IDs?

When is the best time to start a school day?

Should every student play a musical instrument?

Is animal testing justified?

Birthday gifts should be special but not expensive.

Cats are better than dogs.

How many recesses should kids have at school?

Children must make their bed before starting the day.

Kids should only get pocket money if they complete their chores

All students should be provided with free school meals

Are headphones good for children?

Mothers alone can cook a yummy meal.

Which are better: cats or dogs?

Which is better, homeschool or going to school?

Do kids need recess?

Should all students have chores daily?

Should soda be banned from children?

Should kids be able to watch whatever they want on TV?

Storybooks or cartoon networks: which is better?

Is it safe for kids to use a mobile phone?

Is social media a good or bad influence for kids?

Children must get longer holidays

Are pre-teens and teens overscheduled?

Are zebras black or white?

Birthday gifts can be special but not costly

Should kids be allowed to eat whatever they want?

Parents should do the homework given to children.

Debate Motions for Primary Schools

Good habits make a child shine everywhere he/she goes.

Do we have good enough role models for this generation?

Is it okay to punish kids?

Schools should stay open all year round.

Video games are bad for children.

Must kids eat healthy food or tasty food?

Should kids be given an allowance?

Is the idea of having pets at home harmful or helpful to kids?

Is plastic destroying the planet?

Should bullying be reported immediately?

Do we need to ban cell phones in classrooms?

What are the ideal timings for school? Early in the day, afternoon, or evening?

Should children be allowed to use skateboard inside the school?

Should shooting games be allowed?

Are cats or dogs better?

Are you afraid of ghosts or homework more?

How long should you be able to play on electronics in a day?

Every girl should have a Barbie doll.

Kids must get a longer recess.

Should everyone make the school sports teams?

Is year-round school better for students?

Should children in beauty pageants be banned?

What is better, Batman or Superman?

How and why do chameleons change their colors?

Cartoon network or Storybooks: Which is better?

Is it okay for kids to participate in beauty pageants?

People should stop going to zoos because animals are kept captive. Right or wrong?

Would you prefer having a dunk tank or a bouncy castle at your next birthday party?

Should kids be allowed to stay up as late as they want?

Pets should be allowed in school.

Does junk food need to be banned from schools?

Stuffed toys are only for little kids or girls.

Kids must be allowed to go to shopping malls without adult supervision.

Fun Debate Topics for Kids

Can kids go on a vacation with their friends alone?

Parents must attend a parenting school before planning to give birth to a child.

Does the Internet need to be banned from schools?

Smoking must be banned.

Is it okay to eat animals?

What time should school start?

Should pets be allowed to come to school?

Should junk food be banned in schools?

How long should playtime be in a day?

Does every home need a pet?

Which is better, the beach or the mountains?

Does homework need to be banned?

How much money is the right amount for an allowance?

Every girl should have a Barbie doll.

Healthy food or tasty food: Which is best for kids?

The examination system must be abolished.

Are pop icons better role models?

Should you be allowed to play electronic games every day? If so, for how long?

Is traditional education better than homeschooling?

Pop Its or Jiggly Pets: which is the best toy?

Children need to make their beds every day.

Should schools make uniforms compulsory for everyone?