Demonstration Speech Ideas

Demonstration Speech Ideas: Searching for the best demonstration speech topics? A good demonstration Speech depends on how you present it. You can pick any topic and make it a good demonstrative Speech.

The main goal of the demonstrative speech is to give the required information to the audience using a visual aid, show how something works or demonstrate how to do something.

Start by selecting a topic that you are well conversant with as it will help you make your presentation more effective. Write the process as you select the demonstration materials.

Find demonstrative speech ideas, topics, and examples below. Select a topic that you are well conversant with.

Demonstration Speech Ideas

How to use chopsticks

How to play beginner guitar chords

How to make a fishing lure

How to make fondant for cakes?

How to create stained glass objects

The origin of Italian pizza

How to edit your photographs online

Different ways to make chili?

How to do string art

How to make your soap

How to kickbox

How to arrange flowers

How to make fresh jam at home?

How to make a pop-up card

What are the steps involved in making Banana pudding?

How to use scarves on your head, neck, body

Making traditional soup in your region

How to make pasta from scratch?

How to solve a Rubik’s cube

How to do braids

How to beatbox

How to make cotton candy without the machine?

How to become a pro at using chopsticks?

Cooking tips for men and kids

How to make a WiFi antenna booster

How to make paper mache figures

How to play poker

How to detect if someone is lying

Safety measures for learning while cooking

How to decorate a cake

How to knit/crochet

How to make jewelry

How to do yoga

How to make animals out of balloons

How to paint an egg

How to perform tai chi

How to make candles

How to feed a snake

How to remove scratches from DVD’s

How to stretch before working out

How to edit a video

How to make a real Italian pizza with classic recipes?

How to create an iPhone application

How to pick locks

How to do card tricks

How to clean running shoes

How to whistle

How to make beads

How to make a foxhole radio

How to build an electric motor

How is a wedding cake decorated?

How to raise tadpoles

How to make sushi

How to make Irish Coffee?

How to make cheese

How to ride a unicycle

What are some basics of wine tasting?

What is the use of herbs and spices?

How to use potatoes to conduct electricity

How to do graffiti

How to make biscuits in a pan?

How to make iodine

How to make windchimes

How to do poi spinning

How to debone a fish and make fillets?

How to make a dreamcatcher

How to make fireballs

How to install a WordPress blog

How to do magic tricks

How to trim a bonsai tree

Discuss the importance of breakfast

How to bake a cake without an oven?

How to dance a particular dance

How to make a metal detector

How to put on makeup

Different ways to count calories and make healthier choices

How to do origami

How to create an ice sculpture

How to attract hummingbirds to your garden

What is Kimchi? How to make it?

How does a microwave oven work?

How to pick out the best wedding cake?

How to create a worm farm

What are some useful tips for the barbecue?

How to make garden stepping stones

How to make a bird feeder

Demonstration Speech Topics

How to decorate a Christmas tree?

How to teach a parrot to talk

How to yoga poses

How to apply makeup

How to build a go-cart

How to hypnotize someone

How to make customized cakes?

How to deal with identity theft

How to feed a dog, horse, cat, correctly

How to saddle a horse

How to make a presentation in PowerPoint?

How to create an animated gif

How to choose a pet

How to keep a pet dog or cat in an apartment

How to give yourself a manicure/pedicure

How to assemble a care package for a student

How to perform CPR

How to give medicines to your dog, cat

How to care for a kitten

How to clean synthetic and natural fabrics

How to train a puppy

How to make lemonade

How to wash a dog

How to soothe a frightened dog, cat

How to create a webpage

How to meditate

How to safe stretching techniques to relieve stress

How to care for an injured or sick pet

How to interpret animal behavior

How to set up a fishbowl

How to dress up for Halloween?

Easy steps to learn salsa

How to become an expert horse rider?

How to learn skydiving?

How to build a sandcastle?

How to self-defense techniques

How to teach the American Sign Language alphabet

How to make a holiday centerpiece

How to clean a computer

Soap carving tips

Useful tips to barbeque

Demonstration Speech Example

Usage of multimedia projector

How to create an email account?

How to build a website?

How to use an iPhone – a beginners guide

Benefits of advanced technology

Discuss the advancement of computer science

Demonstrate how technological advancement has made our life comfortable?

How to use Microsoft Word?

How to install WordPress?

How to add widgets into WordPress?

Easy Demonstration Speech Ideas

How to replace a punctured tire

How to make a snow globe

How to use a TTY machine (text telephone)

How to make Play-Doh

How to build a telescope

Making small jewelry items at home

How to make colored fire

Decorate a Christmas tree yourself

How to make a kaleidoscope

Make paper carnations creatively

Make Ice cream with home ingredients

How to make a candy bouquet

How to make paper invisible

Riding a skateboard for the first time

How to build a birdhouse

How to make magnetic fluid

Build a birdhouse as a summer task

How to make water glow

Carve a pumpkin for Halloween

Creating a scrapbook as a summer task

How to make scented candles at home

Easy ways to decorate easter eggs

How to make a pinhole camera

How to carve fruit into flowers and animals

How to use a compass

How to use a Ham radio

How to make yogurt

Learning the art of gardening

How to make a sock monkey

How to make envelopes

How to program your cell phone

How to make a spud gun

How to build a balloon rocket car

How to make clay charms

How to make a hula hoop

How to keep your checkbook in a balance

How to hypnotize people

How to make ginger ale

How to make lip gloss

Creating a web page easily

How to make instant ice sculptures with hot ice

How to build a shelf

How to make perfume

Make ornaments with playdough

How to make silly putty

How to apply fake nails on toenails

How to make kimchi

How to breathe fire

Sewing a blanket

How to make paper

How to improve public speaking abilities

How to build a paper airplane

How to make a magnet gun

How to create a lemon battery

How to make a cloud in a bottle

How to use an exercise ball

How to make a presentation using PowerPoint

How to press flowers

How to build a mosaic lightbox

Demonstration Speech Ideas for College Students

How to find good communication ground with a strict teacher

How to paint on a canvas using the acrylic pouring technique

Tips to stay economical and save money

How to live the day like it’s the last one

How to move on from a broken relationship

How to prepare for an exam overnight

Ways to survive the lecture on the subject you hate the most

How to clean the house quickly

How to enjoy the last sip of wine

How to make Italian pasta

How to avoid burnout in college

How to become representative of your class

How to become a speed reader

How to live in the moment

How to get the highest grades in college

How to knit a scarf

How to decorate the classroom for better productivity

How to get out of bed in winters

How to find the perfect motivation to complete a project

How to cope up with massive consumerism

Funny Demonstration Speech Ideas

How to pretend that you were actually surprised by a surprise birthday party

How to master the art of lying with an innocent face

How to clean up the mess after a secret house party

How to watch a horror movie while being alone at home

How to remember to turn off the iron every time after use

How to avoid nail-biting in a critical and stressful situation

How to get the best grade in homework while chilling at home

How to kill time in college

How to take a power nap in a class

How to bypass some rude friends