Sports Debate Topics

Sports Debate Topics: One thing that is most loved and discussed by many people, is sports.

Sport is a good topic for debates. Everywhere you go you will hear people discuss sports. You will never miss something to debate about.

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Sports Debate Topics

Can a woman play with men in the same sport

MMA should be legalized in all US states

Ovechkin or Crosby?

How will LeBron and Kobe clash be?

Female sporting events are a joke

We should make cuts to the sporting budget in times of economic austerity

Should we punish colleges for their players’ mistakes?

Should politics be left out of sports?

UFC is barbaric and should be illegal

Should the state financially support elite athletes?

Which College Football Program Is the Best Ever?

Aggression is a vital part of sports

Who is the greatest football player of all-time

Sport is the answer to the world’s obesity problems

Every sport should have both male and female options

LeBron or Kobe The clash of titans

Should you be made to feel awful if you lose in sports?

Swimming is most definitely a sport

Should children be allowed to work in the performing arts or professional sports?

Is winning everything?

Are sports people worth their salaries?

Only commercially viable sports should appear at the Olympics

Will MMA Kill Boxing?

Should Women be Allowed to Compete Against Men?

Top sportspeople have no right to a private life

Girls shouldn’t play sports

Padded gloves do nothing but encourage boxers to punch harder to injure their opponents

Combat sports should be banned

Which athlete has the longest world record?

Does American men’s soccer have a chance in winning world cup title

Should Colleges Suffer for Their Athletes’ Mistakes?

Women should be allowed to compete against men. Agree or disagree?

Are sports more important than subjects such as art and music?

Will Tiger Woods get back to his feet

Winning is the most important thing when playing sports. Agree or disagree?

Which is the best-managed football team?

Does VAR help the referee make the best decision?

Drug bans should only last for the duration of the original event

National sporting governing bodies should be combined into one huge world governing body

Debate Topics about Sports

Why is football not booming in the USA

Sporting clubs shouldn’t be allowed to make a profit

Should sport be compulsory at school?

Men should play alongside women

Is it important for sports stars to have a squeaky-clean image?

Hitting or Pitching

If someone was found to have cheated they should be banned for life

Does Soccer Need Instant Replay?

Can Soccer Become the Fifth Major Sport?

Playing a sport causes people to become unnecessarily competitive

What is the best way to determine who will be in the college football team

Do owners or Players make the team?

Sports fans who shout racist slurs should be banned from stadiums. Agree or disagree?

Will Tiger Woods be a major after the comeback

Is MMA a sport or just an organized fight?

Can Boxing Be Saved?

Is the Olympics a waste of money?

Does instant replay help make sound decisions?

The lack of Asian people in sports highlights global sports’ failure at diversity

Cheaters should be stripped of any titles they won

Women should be paid the same as men in sports

Are sports becoming too dangerous?

Should Games be Decided on Penalty Shots?

Who’s the current Iconic athlete?

Should all young sports players get a trophy?

Governing bodies should implement retrospective bans for cheaters

Which sports personality has the most significant sport record

Which is the highest sports league

Transgender sports players should not be allowed to compete in the Olympics. Agree or disagree?

Should a referee be allowed to use instant replays in sports?

Is LeBron on his way up?

Should men be ever allowed to compete with women?

Passionate parents add to the enjoyment of child sports

White people make better top sportspeople than black people

Fishing and hunting sports are cruel to animals

Steroids should be allowed in professional sports

Black people can never become global superstars

Will Jordan ever lay his bunch on LeBron?

Players should be allowed to kneel in protest during the national anthem. Agree or disagree?

All sports should have video referees

Players should be picked only on ability, not on inclusion

On top of the scholarship, college athletes should get an income

Concussion rules have ruined many contact sports

All children should have to play a sport by law

Sports fights are a disgrace to sports

Government should be able to abolish sports on the grounds of boredom

Who holds the most excellent world record of all times

Should boxing be banned?

Professional sportspeople are paid too much money

Athletes need to do more in the community

No foreign players should be allowed to enter the country purely to play a sport

Should we Measure Greatness by Championships?

Is it fair to decide on the winner on penalty shots

Should College Athletes Be Paid?

Is there growth in boxing?

Who’s the Least’s Smashed in Sports History

Should the NFL do more to protect players from concussions?

Sanctioned sports should be controlled by the state

Do sports players get paid too much?

Should we censor NBA fans for misbehaving?

Which football program is the best to watch

We should spread athletes’ pay to help them manage their finances

Sports players who use steroids should be banned for life. Agree or disagree?

The Olympics is failing at curbing steroid use

Sport can be used as an important bonding tool

Men are naturally better at sports than women

Should we determine team greatness by Championships

Heading should be banned in soccer to protect players. Agree or disagree?

The “Spirit of the Rule?” or the “Rule” in a game?

Coaches in every sport should be able to challenge the call on the field

Do we need to start expanding popular sports like baseball and American Football around the world?

Why Isn’t Soccer Bigger in the US?

Basketball Vs Football

Politicians can use sanctioned sporting competitions in order to forge relationships with other nations

Is sexism rife in sports?

Should human beings be allowed to use other animals as objects of sport and entertainment?

Sporting brawls should be criminal offenses

Should age be a barrier to sporting participation?

Should advertisements be on players Jerseys

Blood sports shouldn’t be abolished if they’re a part of a country’s national culture

All funding for sports should be voluntary

Should athletes be ambassadors advancing noble human causes/

Is the defense or the goalkeeper more important in soccer?

Should penalty shootouts be used to decide the winning team?

All children shouldn’t be given a medal or trophy for participating in a sporting event

Playing sports at school is just as important as other subjects. Agree or disagree?

Sportsmanship is an outdated concept

Contact sports are too dangerous

Professional sports like football and tennis shouldn’t appear at the Olympics

The Olympics are a waste of money

Should MMA Be Legal?

The NFL should allow London to possess a franchise

The government needs to promote sport at all levels

Which sport has the most exceptional players

Who is currently the best coach?

Hockey is a risky sport

Best Hockey Player Ever?

Sport has lost its importance within schools

Is it worth hosting the Olympic games?

Is sport really good for us?

Was it the players or it, Phil Jackson

Should e-sports be included in the Olympics?

Controversy is a vital part of sports’ appeal

Should performance-enhancing drugs be allowed in professional sports?

Should there be Salary Cap in the MLB?

Referees deserve more respect in all areas of sport

Football made in Brazil

Should advertising be allowed in sports?

College athletes should be paid. Agree or disagree?

Who is the all-time best hockey player

What Sport has the Best ‘Athletes’?