Controversial Psychology Topics

Controversial Psychology Topics: Psychology is a very interesting fiend. It looks at how humans respond in different situations.

To write a good paper on Psychology, you need to understand the topic well.

The first step to a good Psychology paper is selecting a topic.

If you are searching for Controversial Topics in Psychology, I am sure you will find an ideal topic to discuss about.

Find a collection of Controversial Psychology Topics below.

Controversial Psychology Topics

Child sexual abuse by an extended family member

Rules of conduct important for forensic psychologists in court

Milgram’s shocking obedience experiments

Physical exercise as a valuable tool for controlling mood and stress

Psychological characteristics of a typical perpetrator of child abuse

Variations in the definition of insanity (which absolves one from legal responsibility) across various US states

Risk factors for unreliable eyewitness evidence

An investigation of group dynamics psychological process in respect to the appearance of leaders

Approaches used to manage stress and depression in cancer patients

How reliable eyewitness memory is? – famous cases involving memory fallibility in judicial processes

Psychological effects of social media on teenagers

How much study effort is ok for different ages?

Group therapy efficiency in palliative care

Adapting teaching for dyslexic students

A psychological interpretation of the central role of belief in Alcoholics Anonymous Rehabilitation programs

Is it ethical to store records of texts and e-mails?

Virtual Reality Exposure for treating post-traumatic stress disorder

Is having a child an individual willingness or societal pressure

Assessing the reliability of evidence collected under various forms of pressure excluding those mentioned by US constitutional law (the exclusionary rule)

Communication strategies with patients to encourage regular screens (for breast cancer, heart diseases, etc.)

Effect of social interaction and physical exercise on cognitive abilities

Is it ethical to stop treatment if the patient is not able to pay?

Use of abusive language as a way of coping with past trauma

Innovative approaches in treating phobias

Psychological assistance role in managing eating disorders

How psychology is dependent on culture to define the term ‘normal.’

Assessing legal competence to stand trial

Are mental disorders the cause of homosexuality

It is ethical for a female therapist to tell, “I love you” to a male client during massage

How culture influences our sexual orientation

Strategies to generate learning motivation in students

Are psychotherapists more authoritative than their patients?

Does playing complex instruments boost cognitive performance in students

Effects of excessive watching of TV on the intellectual and emotional development of a child

Does a no-homework policy (like in Finland) have positive effects on student performance? Is such a model applicable to the US?

Psychology lessons from Zimbardo’s simulated prison experiment

Is it ethical for a naked therapist to attend to a patient

Cognitive-behavioral therapy vs treating depression

Managing chronic pain through meditation techniques

Importance of affection in teaching younger children

Role of emotional support for treating patients with addiction

Sexually and charms deviant behavior

Are some men victims, or are they perpetrators of domestic violence?

Controversial Topics in Psychology

Lessons learned from the 12 steps listed by Alcoholics Anonymous rehabilitation programs

Psychological impact on negative attitudes on LGBT in society

Effects of negative parenting on child psychology

Seligman’s look into learned helplessness

Most effective interventions to enforce abstinence in drug addicts

Ways of enforcing adherence to regimens in patients with eating disorders

Advances and limitations in clinical manipulations of neuromodulators for depression treatment

Are ethics and risk management the same

Parenting style impact on a person’s professional specialization later in life

Rules of verbal interaction with criminals/eyewitnesses in court to foster cooperation

Knowledge psychologists should possess when serving as expert witnesses in court

Child sexual abuse by a caregiver

Are therapists susceptible to lawsuits

Neurofeedback and sensory integration/occupational therapy for kids with Asperger’s syndrome

Electroconvulsive therapy as a last resort in treating severe depression and bipolar disorder

How social media content affect teenagers sexual orientation

Clinical implications of lucid dreaming research (for psychosis, nightmares, PTSD)

What impact does self-worth perception have on academic achievement?

Famous cases from American jurisprudence involving false memory implantation in people with high suggestibility (Paul Ingram case)

Is it ethical to have students as Facebook friends?

Cognitive behavioral therapy for patients with autism

How the ancient belief of dementia and madness relate to current conceptions of mental illness

Social reinforcement vs material rewards for encouraging learning in students

Are ‘victims’ always totally blameless, or do some bear the obligation for their bad luck

Consequences of bullying in school on self-perception

Justification for legal norms regulating minimum witness age

Is an affair a symptom of underlying problems in marriage?

Child sexual abuse by the parent

Lessons from Harlow’s pits of despair