Relationship Debate Topics

Relationship debate topics: relationships are not always that smooth. It has its own ups and downs. There are times you might be told to come up with relationship topics to discuss or debate.

The topic can be a little confusing if you don’t know where to start. If you are searching for relationship topics for debate, then you came to the right place.

Not all of us agree on some aspects of life, thus the need to debate.

Find a collection of relationship debate topics.

Relationship Debate Topics

Would you date someone with different political beliefs than you?

The relationship of spirit and body in martial arts.

If I could change the world, I would change myself: analysis and reflection.

Perception of sons vs daughters in African American families.

PTSD and playing a musical instrument.

Our first impression regarding college professors is always right.

What are the things that excite you

Describe your idea of a romantic date

Are animals capable of acts of kindness?

Are retirement homes suitable?

Do we have the same character traits as our parents?

Which character best depicts you in any book or movie

The positive influence in your life.

Are we born with racial prejudice or do we learn it?

The effect of globalization on interpersonal conflicts.

Social skills and creativity of autistic children.

What factors lead to rivalry between siblings?

Do people without parental affection grow up locked inside?

Which is better marrying out of love or arranged marriage

What are the advantages and disadvantages of office romance

Does the Black Lives Matter movement bring in certain controversy?

Do you want to get married one day?

Should love always be a sacrifice?

If your partner still regularly talks to their ex, are they cheating?

Describe your best clothing item

What may lead you to ending a relationship? Would you be able to forgive and move on

How is kissing depicted as a form of emotional cheating

The pros and cons of social media influencers.

What is the red flag alert in a relationship for you?

Which social or political issue sparks controversy

Is love a distraction to one’s goals

Is equality between men and women in the workplace justified?

Morals of the 19th century to freedoms of the present times.

Do sports help with basic cognitive skills in an academic environment?

My idea of the perfect romantic evening.

Relationship Topics to Discuss

What is your biggest phobia

Describe your siblings and the nature of relationship you have with them

Does watching historical movies help students learn History more efficiently?

Which nightmares have you experienced so far

Where do you see yourself in five or ten years

Equality of men and women should also be in sports: running tracks

What is your perspective on legalisation of gay marriages

Are English boarding schools still beneficial in 2021?

Do video games damage basic social skills?

We are perceived by the clothes we wear.

What is the biggets challenge you have ever faced and its lessons

The subject of slavery relationships in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.

Does the way we dress is reflected by our income?

Describe a situation that someone hurt you and how it affected you

How does children’s television help to shape responsible personalities?

Which character traits are important in your life

What role do movies and novels play in infidelity in marriages

Is it okay if your wife is older

How long would you want to date someone before getting engaged?

Who should you prioritize? Family or love of your life

Would you be in a long-distance relationship?

The things that have shaped my culinary tastes.

Is feminism good?

Competition in sports: how fair is it?

Is online dating advantageous?

Relationship Topics for Debate

How can you comfort a crying infant?

Would you date someone your family didn’t approve of?

The importance of dreams when growing up.

Which is better couple sex education or single sex education

How can we address our fears by confronting them?

When do you feel most comfortable with yourself

The relationship of metal music to aggression?

How do children perceive politics?

What is your perspective on women empowerment?

Consumerism in modern society.

The portrayal of friendship in “The Friends” tv-series.

How was your first impression and the accuracy

How have your friends changed as you were growing up?

Show how your relationship has evolved since the first date

Are online relationships real?

What are the reasons for following TikTok trends?

Which is the most moving act of kindness that you experienced in your life? What act of kindness have you shown to others

Describe your dream job and whether you want to achieve it

Why do feminists often turn to violence?

Who is your favourite celebrity?

Which character traits are important for a relationship to work

Long-distance relationships are always meant to fail.

What is your perspective on house husbands

Does our cultural environment shape us?

What similar traits do you share and what differences do you have

Describe the situation that created a positive change in your life

What book has influenced you for the major change in your life?

Getting over separation: the relationship between personality type and longing.

What were your dreams when growing up and have you achieved them

What gives you the most remorse

How is poor money management affecting our families

Debate Topics about Relationships

How does scouting help children to participate in group responsibilities?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of extra marital relationships

Describe your hero

What would I change about the modern style of relationships?

Should children be shielded from violence in the media?

The challenges of establishing strong relationships in the world of technology.

How would you interact with your younger self?

Is monogamy a social composition or a natural occurring behaviour

Should teenagers be allowed to vote and participate in politics?

Is it possible to feign love

Would you get back together with an ex?

Which was your best book when you were growing up

What fictional character I would like to meet and why.

Would you date someone your friends didn’t approve of?

Parenting advice vs things we learn at school.

The core pillars of love for me.

Perception of hip hop culture by the older generation.

How were relationships in the past as compared to present times

What is your secret

Is male parenting vs female parenting strictness works the same way?

The pros and cons of househusbands.

How valuable do parents perceive daughters compared to sons

What will you buy first if you won a loterry

Would you be in an open relationship?

What do you think of sex before marriage

Which advice would you give yourself when you were young

Can celebrities be true heroes?

The relationship of the profession to music a person likes.

Childhood fears and adult phobias.

Relationship Topics for Group Discussion

How do we participate in volunteering work?

Jealousy and love: is it justified?

Can a person be happy on his or her own?

Love and responsibility: religious fear or character traits.

My first visit to a foreign country: the most shocking moments.

How do children define love?

When two individuals love the same person: emotional solutions.

Do we learn political preferences from our parents?

The challenges of technology for the older generation.

Teenage rebellion: how did I survive these times?