Political Science Research Topics

Political Science Research Topics: When choosing a topic in political science for research, always identify a topic that is not very broad. Political Science research papers sometimes can become very complex if a good topic is not selected.

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These Research Topics in Political Science will inspire you to find an ideal topic for research.

Political Science Research Topics

The Impact of Qasem Soleimani’s Death on the Oil Markets

Apartheid and Modern Segregation in the US

Groundbreaking Constitutional Talks Regarding Syria

Damages caused by the US immigration policy

American Civil War: its impact on modern governments.

Analysis of Plato’s The Republic

Human nature in Hobbes’ political theory

Female education in Afghanistan: a comparative review.

Interest-group Pluralism in American politics

Why Have We Never Seen a Third Party Rule in the Us?

20th-century politics and Karl Marx.

Populism within the European Union

How power is balanced between institutions of authority in America.

Negotiation Process for Pirate Hostages

Effectiveness of Rape Shield Laws

The Mediation Process in the Permanent Court of Arbitration

How American foreign policies have affected European politics of the 20th century?

Impact of Affirmative Action Initiatives

European Crisis: Germany’s role.

The role of political socialization on voter attitudes

International cooperation in the context of neo-globalization

America and Australia: how education policies differ?

Role of old bureaucratic processes in modern America.

Patriotism in times of transnationalism

How American democracy is shaped?

Political and legal antecedents to Affirmative Action

Effects of the debt crisis in the development of heavily indebted countries

Impact of Equal Rights Amendment

Nationalism in comparison to other philosophies.

Ideology in the Soviet Union

Ethical dilemmas in the Whistleblower Act

Why did France go hard on its immigration policies?

Socialism in the contemporary world

Comparison of Plato and Aristotle’s political theories

International Arbitration Tribunal Mediation Process

The China-US Trade War Deal

What are the principles of building the neoteric American democracy?

Factors contributing to the persistence of white supremacy

How Europe is going to fare without a founding member?

Mexico and the problem of illegal immigrants?

Globalization and the Anti-Globalization Movement

The evolution of Democratic thought

Syrian refugees and Donald Trump: who is right?

Democrats and Republicans — Same Thing or Entirely Different

What is civil society?

Comparison of China’s and Japan’s foreign aid policies

Limits on individual liberty and government authority

Civil Procedure vs. Mediation Process

Research Topics in Political Science

Fascism and its faces before and after World War II.

How do civil wars emerge?

The impact of social media on political dissent

Political realism of Machiavelli, Hobbes, and Morgenthau

China is the new overlord of the 21st century.

Should a Political Leader Be More Authoritarian or Compassionate?

The Mounting Economic Pressure caused by Australian Bushfires

What Should Be the Government’s Stand Regarding Same-Sex Marriage?

Egalitarianism versus Utilitarianism

How Falling to Vote Shapes Political Tenures

Modernization of global politics in the 21st century.

Factors contributing to voter suppression in the US

Handling Agricultural Land Disputes

Impact of China-Taiwan-Hong Kong relations in the international economy

Educational inequalities in China or how governmental policies impact Chinese children?

Is It Possible to Completely Eliminate Corruption?

How Syria ended up between two political fronts?

Foucault’s analysis of power

Participatory Democracy

Marriage equality in America under local political pressure.

Criminal Law & Common Morality

What will prevail in liberalism or idealism?

American Presidential Election 2008: Biased depiction of female politicians in mass media.

Significance of civil society in post-conflict settings

Influence of celebrities on political campaigns

Asia’s Changing Consumerism

Feminist approaches to international relations theory

Handling Corporate Transnational Legal Disputes

The Rising Tension between Iran and the United States

Abraham Lincoln’s Lyceum Address in comparison to modern political speeches.

Impact of UMSCA on international trade

Democrats versus Republicans: a primordial battle or a fight for prevalence of law?

How the United States Constitution would have looked like if the Founding Fathers had modern technologies?

Why is president Putin holding tight to his chair?

Electoral reforms: how effective they are when it comes to establishing free election institutions?

Authoritarianism and Totalitarianism

How the 2019 protests in Paris will shape the future of France?

Crime TV-shows: their impact upon law misinterpretation.

Institutionalism as an instrument of American public management scientists.

Will Britain manage to retain its unity after Brexit?

How Segregation could have looked without Supreme Court?

Role of anarchism within the public administration system.

Is modern political culture dependent upon technology?

Comparative analysis of models of democracy

The Electoral College and Whether It Should Be Abolished or Given More Power

Democracy Laboratories of Contemporary Federalism: a comparative approach.

Why experimental research is important in today’s political science?

Analysis and application of Mill’s Harm Principle

Voters Rights or Voters Citizen Obligations

Political Science Research Paper Ideas

Drafting Arbitration and Mediation Clauses

Civil societies and modern politics.

The phenomenon of celebrity-politicians

Democratic ideas that shape America today.

Is Having a Third World War Possible?

The United States and the Middle East: How the future looks like?

Is War a Political Decision or an Inevitable Outcome of a Failed International Relation?

American Commercial Films and Political Messages Conveyed.

The Rising Right-Wing Ideology caused by India’s Citizenship Law

Can nationalism be classified as a proper school of leaders in history?

Pitfalls of Rousseau’s social contract theory

Modern politics and environmental struggles.

Methods in Negotiating During War

21st Century Disputes: War or Diplomacy?

Stereotypes on Arab-Americans in the US

Nuclear Weapons: A Necessity or Just a Precaution?

Analysis of hate crimes and terminology

Party identification and its implications

Is Revolution for the Greater Good?

Implications of citizen-initiated-campaign

Russian aggression against Ukraine. What causes and lets Russia disregard and disobey the norms of international law?

How Meme Culture Has Raised Political Awareness

How do technologies impact voting processes?

Public relations of American Government and their role in its success.

The United States Versus Russia: the Political Similarities and Differences

Brexit is over. What is the next step for Great Britain?

Impact of China-Soviet conflict on US-China relations

American elections: using propaganda to achieve the result needed.

Presidential vs. Parliamentary: Which is Better?

Failures of the UN’s nuclear disarmament efforts

Are American parties weak in comparison to their 1960s predecessors?

Social media as a new public administration instrument.

Ethnic conflict and the destabilization of states

Implications of the US leaving the Paris Treaty on Climate Change

American Government and climate change.

A realist approach to Russian foreign policy.

National Security vs. Citizen’s Privacy: Which is More Important?

The Politics of Poverty — Exploring Sub Saharan African Politics

Regional governance and national governance

Effects of Brexit in the UK and in Europe

China versus America: New economic battle.

Negotiation Process for Hostages in Foreign Countries

The Rising Terrorist Violence in West Africa, Sahel Region

Displacement and Migration Due to Climate Change

Racial Profiling in US media post 9/11

Donald Trump’s Impeachment

Is Guatemala reviving after its conflict?

The Internet and Its Role in Shaping Modern Politics

Politics of designing and implementing international treaties

Pros and cons of pardoning criminals

Negotiating for hostages in foreign countries

Bush and Clinton war doctrines.

Voting process alternation by technology.

Analyzing the Geneva Convention in regards to refugee rights.

The transformative potential of civil society in developing countries