Medical Persuasive Speech Topics

Medical Persuasive Speech Topics: Medical students are often given a lot of essays to write or debate by their instructors or professors. Sometimes it can be difficult finding a good persuasive speech topic in the medical field.

If you are doing a course in the medical field, I know right now you are intended to find a Medical Persuasive Essay Topic. Don’t worry; we have made work easier for you.

When writing Medical Persuasive Speech Topics, you can incorporate ideas from other medical fields such as psychology, health trends, nursing, and other popular health-related areas.

Here you will find good medical persuasive speech topics that will inspire you to find that ideal speech topic that will impress other students and the instructor.

Medical Persuasive Speech Topics

The use of marijuana should be allowed for patients in severe pain.
Food safety should be streamlined to enhance proper access to nutrition.
People should regulate the amount of meat intake as a way of promoting healthy living.
Drug addiction can be checked in a human being by distracting his mind from the gloomy state of mind through counseling.

All people above 12 years should be taught how to conduct CPR.
Smoking near other people is harmful
Bone marrow transplantation does not help out the patients who are suffering from blood cancer.
Drug addiction is a habit that is very difficult to get rid of by the people caught in it even through treatment.
College cafes should offer only healthy foods.

People living in the cities should emulate rural lives as much as possible to increase their lifespans.
The children with ADHD disorder find it difficult to focus on the study as compared to other children.
Safety measures such as helmets should not be overlooked
Proper access to healthcare services can save society a lot of money.
More regulation is required for effective management of the fast-food industry.

Smoking should be banned for all recovering surgery patients to help improve care results.
Using the right amount of salt in your food is going to affect your health
Keeping your immune system strong is a must
Tips for maintaining a healthy diet
An in-depth review of the dangers of fast foods

Healthy people should become regular blood donors.
People should avoid taking diet pills as a treatment for their nutritional conditions.
Stomach stapling should be avoided at all costs.
Air quality improvement should be the primary approach towards asthma management.
Should everyone participate in organ donation?

Vaporizers are not safer than we thought
Organic foods are good for health.
Society should invest more resources in medical research than entertainment.
Spinal disk Issues and their relation to a back problem
Terminally ill patients should be volunteer in research programs.
The intake of birth control pills should be regulated.

How to overcome back pain? Different treatment options
People should constantly monitor their blood pressure to avoid heart complications.
The government should be involved in making healthy foods more affordable.
Should pharmaceuticals be more transparent?
Infertility in couples is related to stress and unhealthy lifestyles
Society should invent more for mental health as it affects everybody.
The high level of sugar in the blood causes indirect injuries to the heart and blood vessels as well.

Using a mouthwash after brushing your teeth is essential for your dental health
The pharmaceutical industry should be more regulated to help serve societal health needs and interests.
A morning walk is essential for good health.
Law should provide free will to a nurse in the hospital as long as she is not harming the patient.
The poor level of red blood cells in human blood gives rise to fainting and early fatigue.
Diet beverages do not actually make you lose weight

Persuasive Essay Topics Medical Field

How well is distribution of contraceptives in school help in reducing teenage pregnancies and other sexually related problems?
Teenagers should be given access to birth control pills.
Tips for those looking to start their fitness journey
All restaurants should inform customers about the ingredients in the food to prevent allergic reactions

Only bad cholesterol is bad for the heart and human body and not the good one.
Brushing your teeth frequently is not enough for dental hygiene
The number of counts for red blood cells automatically rises in the highest peaks of mountains and it should not be confused with cancer.

Organs from newborns without brains should not be donated
Animal testing in medical research should be legalized.
A healthy diet has some great effects on the mind’s health.
There should be a balanced diet for a healthy heart that includes carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in an optimum ratio.
Nurses should play their role in the social responsibility to make a society free from diseases.
Air Ambulances are effective in preventing deaths from road accidents

The good cognitive development of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder children can bring certain changes in their behavior.
Organ transplant programs should prioritize children.
Computer use significantly influences strain injuries
Birth control pills are clinically not safe

Trans fats should be avoided to keep your heart healthy forever which are found in packet food.
How effective are sex advertisements in schools?
Do cell phones affect our brains?
Dental care services and insurance should be fully incorporated into primary care.
The management of the hospital does not hire an optimum number of nurses which becomes the reason behind back to back duty of existing nurse staff.

Misconceptions surrounding gluten
Dangers of using a known sperm donor
Nursing ethics is more or less working like an injustice for the nurses of various hospitals.
Mental health issues affect the whole society
People should focus on improving their indoor air as a way of enhancing their health.

The prices of prescription drugs should be regulated by an independent institution.
Do clinical psychologies have a great impact on treating the patient suffering from the dyslexia problem?
It is very difficult or we can say impossible for the rehabilitation centers to treat the person who has crossed the line of addiction to a great extent.

Plastic surgery should be restricted to valid medical objectives.
Perks of donating organs
Regular medical checkups could reduce the risk of untimely deaths.
High heels are not good for your health
Are the current restrictions on drug advertisements enough?

It is not possible to treat a person with anxiety and different kind of phobia only by giving the medicine as counseling on psychological grounds is also required.
Cell phones pose a significant threat because of their high radiation levels
Food allergy should be considered a disease
Mobile phones should be kept away from the body to reduce potential health problems.

The importance of organ donation to the general societal health and wellbeing.
Banning drug advertisements could help in solving the addiction problem.
Diabetes and performance output
Are we well informed about drugs and their side effects?
People should invest adequate time for physical exercise.

Good Persuasive Speech Topics on Medical

The adoption of euthanasia could help reduce suicide rates.
Improvement of air quality should be the primary approach towards the management of asthma.
Alternative medication: The truth and the myths
Weight loss is not accelerated by Atkins
Doctors can’t treat a person going through poor cognitive development with the same effect that psychological counseling can do.

The maximum working hours should be defined for a nurse by the government in the given hospital to retain her human rights.
Is biohacking good for your health?
Nurses are always considered inferior by the doctors and they keep on exploiting them on professional lines.
The dangers of consuming too much sugar

Are doctors’ compensation schemes sufficient?
Is the phrase ‘cheap is always expensive’ applicable to medicine?
Helicopter ambulances should be primarily used in road accidents and fire incidences.
People should avoid fast food outlets as a way of supporting healthy living.
Stomach stapling in modern medicine

A Cancer disease has not had its independent symptoms but it shows its symptoms through various other sorts of diseases.
Should we enact stern punishments on those driving without a seatbelt
Stress and anxiety are the biggest enemies of the heart which should be avoided with the greatest efforts.
Alzheimer’s disease should be categorized as a disease that requires a lot of care
Exercise is the simplest way to avoid diseases

The use of marijuana should be allowed for patients in severe pain.
Top things to do in order to improve the way your body and brain function
Non-smokers should be first on the organ transplant lists
The government should fully support and implement policies on universal healthcare.
Beauty is not the main reason why you should chase after plastic surgery

Breastfeeding should be supported for the most possible recommended months.
Alternative medicine should be encouraged for infertile couples.
Laughing is good for your health
Is there a right age to commence the use of contraceptive medication?
Food allergy should be categorized as a disease.
Society needs to focus on generics as a way of reducing the cost of treatment.

Government should fully support the needle-exchange programs to prevent HIV spread.
Contraceptive and how they save lives
A woman’s age can affect her ability to give birth
Society should invest more on mental health as it affects everybody.
Choosing the right friends could one day save your life

Steroids in all animal feeds should be banned.
A migraine is usually overlooked at school or in a workplace
By avoiding fast food, people support healthy living.
People should do more physical exercise.
Vaccination should be the primary precaution against emerging viral diseases.
Alcohol and tobacco products have bad effects on health.

Banning advertisements of drugs and substances could help in solving the addiction problem.
The recognization of the hyperactivity disorder can be done by the parents from the very beginning of the developmental stages.
Proper care approaches could help reduce the severity of post-traumatic stress among soldiers.
Half of the psychological problems can be treated more by clinical psychology than allopathy and another orthodox way of treating psychological diseases.

Medical Persuasive Essay Topics

How much do we know about the additives in food?
Psychological issues that veterans of the war suffer from
Developing lifelong healthy habits
People should increase their water intake to help improve their health.

How can we reduce the number of suicide cases? Legalizing euthanasia
It is almost impossible to detect early blood cancer for doctors as there is a rise in red blood cells in the early stage of cancer which can also increase naturally.
People suffering from diabetes should not engage in physically straining work.
Is tobacco better when it is chewed or smoked?

People should adopt good nutrition to help reduce the risk of a heart attack.
Society should invest more resources in medical research than entertainment.
Monitoring blood pressure should be necessary to avoid heart diseases.
The revival of the patient going through depression can be possible through clinical psychology very easily.

Schools should adopt a curriculum on sex education for teenagers.
The numbers of deaths are increasing that are caused by cancer diseases nowadays?
The addiction of the human body to chemical drugs sometimes leads to the sudden death of the human as well.
Autism and asparagus syndrome can be treated to a great extent with the help of clinical psychology.
The importance of organ donation for society’s general health and well-being.
Should dentist insurance be compulsory?

Asthma can be stopped by improving the quality of air globally
Clinical psychology is capable of treating a patient going through excessive alcoholism.
Effectiveness of donations to Alzheimer’s Charity groups
It is possible to preserve the nursing rights of senior doctors by abolishing nursing ethics from the profession.
Most of the nurses are subjected to a suspended monopoly to experiment with their experience in patients.
Vaccines should be the primary treatment focus for emerging viral diseases.

Is our generation consuming ‘too much?’
The government should channel more money into addressing child obesity.
Why is dieting not a good option to lose weight?
Is sleepwalking fatal
Proper nutrition in infancy could help mitigate against health conditions later in life.
Cities should be designed to support cycling as an approach towards healthy lives among residents.
A chemical drug when taken in excess controls the mind of the person to make him addicted to it.

People should create time for adequate sleep as a way of improving personal health.
The controversy behind prescribed marijuana
The parents of an ADHD child should see a doctor at the very beginning of developmental stages to suppress the heights of hyperactivity.
Junk food should be avoided to protect ourselves.
Plastic surgery restrictions should be valid to medical objectives.

Sugar is not healthy
The food industry is the reason behind obesity
Is dark chocolate healthy?
Is healthy food more expensive than junk food?
Longevity without medicine

ADHD people often injure them by jumping from heights, boundaries and doing such others which can harm them.
Most cancer gets detected in the last stage when a patent is about to die due to the diseases except for a few cases.
Is it possible to arrive at healthy junk food?
Organ transplant programs should prioritize the children.
How to make junk food healthier?

Can COVID-19 Induce Psychosis?
Do some people go through attention deficit hyperactivity disorder from their childhood?
Everyone should donate blood at least once a year
People who smoke cigarettes are more likely to die early.

How to stay healthy as a teenager
The amazing effects of eating a sufficient amount of vegetables and fruits regularly.
Regular medical checkups reduce the risk of untimely deaths.