Catchy Animal Shelter Names

Animal Shelter Names: Are you planning to start an animal shelter and want a unique and catchy name for animal shelter? Then you have to the right place. Sometimes finding shelter names for animals can be a difficult task if you don’t know where to start.

We have compiled a collection of Animal Shelter Names that will spark your creativity and enable you to find a good name for your future animal shelter.

Animal shelters centers provide care love and care to abandoned animals. These pet shelter names will provide you with the inspiration you need to find a good name.

It is not an easy task to name an animal rescue shelter; there are a number of things that you need to consider. A good shelter name will enable you to grow as well as create a good presence online.

Below are some animal rescue name suggestions.  These animal shelter name ideas will enable you to come up with your own name;

Animal Shelter Names

Getting a good Animal Shelter Name can be a difficult task. You can use your location, town or favorite pet name to incorporate the name of your rescue center. These animal shelter name ideas will spark your creativity and enable you to find a catchy name for your business.

Yuppie Puppy

World Cats Protection

Wild Wagging

Who’s the Paws?

Warrior Canines

Wags and Walks

Wagging Tails

Urban Tails

Underdog Rescue

True Companions

Thy Kingdom

The Wet Nose

The Squirrel!

The Paw Pack

The Pack – Pets

The Lily Pad Shelter

The Kitten House

The Happy Wag

The Fresh Paws

The Cat Network

The Best Flock

The Barkery

The Balls of Fluff

Tails of the Beast

Special Pals

Shear Critters

Search Dog Foundation

Scruffy Fluffies

Save a Pet

Safe Heaven

Red Rover

Raise the Woof

Pure Mutts

Catchy Animal Rescue Name Suggestions

Puppy Paws

Puppy Love

Pristine Pups

Pretty Paws

Posh Paws

Pooch Parlor

Pick of the Litter

Pets for the Elderly

Pet Paradise

Perfect Touch Shelters

Pawsitive Attitude

Paws Welfare League

Paws for Applause

Pawing Packs

Patriot PAWS

Pampered Paws

Of the Chain

North Shore Shelters

New Beginnings

National Cat Protection Society

Mucky Pups

Maw and Paw

Lost Dog & Cat Rescue

Little Paws

Kitten Associates

K9 Couture

House of Paws

Hope is On!

Helping Out Pets

Heavy Petting

Guide Dogs

Guardian Angels

Grr and Purr

Golden Gate

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Furry Tales

Fur University

Fur the Herd

Fur and Fluff

Catchy Animal Rescue Names

Friends of Animals

Friends for Life

Fences for Fido

Endless Pawsabilities

Eden for Pups

Dumb Friends League

Dogs without Borders

Dogs Trust

Dogmatic Care Center

Doggy Divine

Critters and Creatures

Creature Comforts

Clip-n-Dales Pets

Citizen Canine

Canine Platoon

Canine Estates

Canine Companions

Canine Beauties

Blue Collar Pups

Blind Cats and Dogs

Big Dog Ranch

Beyond the Border

Best Friends Together

Beauties of the Beast

Beast of the Best

Beaks and Whiskers

Barking Lot – Exotic Pets

Bark ‘n Bubbles

Bald is Beautiful

Alley Cat Allies

Adopt a Cat

Names of Animal Shelters

All Creatures Great and Small

Paws ‘N’ Play

Afternoon Paws

Whiskers Animal Shelter

Companion Canines

Pet Buddies

Baby Panda Animal Rescue

Paws-a-plenty Animal Rescue Shelter

Artful Dog Rescues

Bright Eyes Animal Rescue

Barking Cuties

Pawsitivity Rescue

Fluffy Puppies Place

Angel Furs Animal Rescue

Pound Society

Perpetual Cats and Dogs

Escape The North

Save A Pet

Feline Rescue Society

Life Is Better With Pets

Pet Reach

Lucky Whiskers

Coast to Coast Pets Rescue

Hog Haven Pet Sanctuary Society

Feline Society

Feline Foundation

Paw Cause Animal Rescue

Pittie Love Rescue

A&S Animal Rescue

Just for Puppy’s Animal Rescue

Small Paws

Pet Loving Center

Lucky Dog Rescue

The Eyes Have It

Lovable Paws

Caring Clinic

Pets for Adoption

Fur-Ever Adorable Animal Shelter

Paw Scouts

Canines For A Cause

Kitten Haven

Tree House Animal Rescue

Animal Haven

A purry paradise

Cats in Need


Lucky Paws Rescue

All Puppies Matter

Cat Adoption Center

Hope in the City

Furrier than Thou

Kind Hearted Mutt Rescue

Smiley Face Animal Rescue

Animal Adoption Community

Love Little Paws

Butterfly Sheltering Wings

Brindle Paws

Love Those Pets!

Buddy Brigade

Animal Kindness

New Life Animal Rescue

The 3 Paws


Kittytown Org

The Purrfect Pet Club

Cats and the City

Homey Pet Shelter

Curly Tail Animal Rescue

Paws Charities

The Cat’s Meow

Homeless Kitty Network

Animal Caring Home

Dogs for Adoption

Animal Rescue Centre!

Happy Dogs Animal Shelter

Pooch Patrol

Sonic caterwauls

Cute Animals  and Pets Rescue

Barks and Recreation Animal Shelter & Park

Musical Pet Rescue

The Happy Tail

Love All Animals Trust

Pet of Hope Rescue Program

Adopt a Dog

Cherished Animals

Animal Adoption Center

Going All Out

Wags & Whiskers

Frisky Felines

Animal Lovers Help Group

A Dog’s Life

Zoo City

Halloween Adoption Center

Show Some Love

Doggie Diva

Glad To See You Adoption Center

Fearless Friends of Felines

Lucky Paws

A place for meow

Pet Haven

Pet Shelters

Twiggy and Muffy Foundation

Happy Tails

Pet Refuge Center

Save the Animal Kingdom

Posh Pets

Teddy Bear Rescue

Pet Rescue Club

Felines First Choice

Pet Heroes

Somebunny Needs You

All Fluff and No Fur Animal Rescue

Barking Mad Animal Shelter

Paws for Help Humane Society

Hope Animal Foundation

Loved Pet Shelter

Hope This Helps [funny, snarky]

Active Paws

Puppy Palace

Furry Friends Pet Shelter

Helping Hands

Home for Lost Pets

Pets Pals Forever

Pet Appeal

Your Pets Home Animal Shelter

Cat Shelter Names

Little Kitten Shelter

Shelter For Feral Kittens

The Purr-fect Haven

Kitten Rescue

Cats are Wonderful Club Inc

All Cats Matter

Kitty Corner Cat Shelter

Feline Association

In Cats We Trust

Cat Shelter Please

Purr-Fect Haven Animal Shelter

My Cat Sanctuary

Meow, Inc.

The Little Shelter

The Cuddly Kitten House

Fluffy Cats Rescue

All Meow Animal Protection Society

Meow Foundation Inc

Homeless Felines

Kitty Cat Rescue Team

Purrfect Cat Shelter

Abandoned Cattery

Furry Friends Pet Sanctuary, Inc

Bird in Hand Cat Shelter

Feline Friends Animal Shelter

Scratching Post Animal Rescue

The Cat Lady Foundation

Cat Readies

Kitty’s Paw Print Rescue & Adoption Federation

Bad Kitty Rescue

Cat a La Mode Rescue Center

Dog Rescue Names

Chow Dog Rescue

Tornado of Pets

Friendly Dogs

Acme Dog Rescue

K9 Survivor

Alpha Canine

Leaps of Love Animal Sanctuary

Dark Horse Dogs Rescue

Big Hearted Dog Rescue

Our Dearly Departed Animal Rescue Inc.

Cool Pup Animal Rescue

Aha Animal Adoption

Fur Babies Animal Foundation

Doggy Rescue Dogs Inc.

Ace Pawsitive Dog Rescue

Dog Rescue Ranch, Inc.

Beagles and Buddies

Love That Dog Rescue

Every Dog Counts

Lucky Paws Dog Rescue

Bark Animal Rescue

Paws for Life

Mutt Love Rescue Center, Inc.

PAWS Rescue

Mutt Squad

Doggy Lovers

Dog Saving America

American K-9 Adopters

Labrador Hope Dog Rescue

Save Them All Dog Rescue

Dog Catcher’s Crusade

All American Mutts

Underdog Rescue

Angel Dogs Rescue

Animal Shelter Name Generator

Pet Rescue Blooming

Cat Rescue Gentlemen

Whenever Pet Rescue

Animal Rescue Biscuit

Animal Shelter Angst

Animal Rescue Folk

Animal Society Raider

Pet Rescue Board

Dog Rescue Freedom

Animal Society Beans

Animal Rescue Return

Animal Care Ables

Cat Shelter Jab

Dog Shelter Baker

Animal Care Dieting

Dog Shelter Warmer

Dog Rescue Mill

Animal Care Rider


Animal Care Culture

Animal Shelter Cast

Animal Care Mound

Animal Care Babble

Animal Care Inter


Cat Rescue Through

Dog Shelter Flora

Animal Care Potent

Animal Rescue Purity

Animal Shelter Groom

Cat Rescue Robe

Animal Shelter Americana

Dog Rescue Teller

Animal Health Codify

Dog Shelter Jockey

Dog Rescue Cents

Cat Rescue Gray

Animal Rescue Stellar

Safe Animal Site

Pet Rescue Fits

Dog Shelter Pretty

Animal Shelter Romeo


Animal Rescue Nance

Animal Care Enhance

Animal Society Instinct

Animal Society Vivid

Cat Rescue Positive

Animal Shelter Givers

Dog Rescue Lines

Animal Health Rear

Cat Rescue Speaking

With Pet Rescue

Cat Shelter Type

Animal Rescue Groovy

Animal Care Kingdom

Dog Rescue Launcher

Animal Society Honest

Dog Shelter Crease

Cat Rescue Odor

Animal Care Worm

Cat Rescue It

Dog Rescue Hazel

Pet Rescue Saffron

Animal Society Checkout

Dog Shelter Navigator

Animal Health Marble

Animal Shelter Folio

Cat Rescue Burns

Animal Care Outing

Animal Society Workshop

Dog Rescue Caption

Dog Rescue Verve

Dog Rescue Rogue


Cat Rescue Yonder

Cat Shelter Mavens

Cat Rescue Cuff

Pet Rescue Wave

Animal Health Developer

Cat Shelter Salmon

Animal Shelter Caress

Cat Shelter Grass

Cat Rescue Blender

Dog Shelter Phase

Animal Care Favorites

Animal Society Meter

Animal Care Restart

Animal Health Tour

Animal Care Quota

Pet Rescue Services

Pet Rescue Pioneer

Cat Rescue Timely

Yum Cat Rescue

Animal Rescue Cavern

Dog Shelter Attire

Animal Shelter Ladle

Cat Shelter Anchor

Animal Shelter Personality

Dog Shelter Core

Cat Rescue Trolley

Animal Health Tod

Animal Society Acclaim

Animal Rescue Cliff

Pet Rescue Cherish

Animal Rescue Spam

Pet Life Friends

Animal Society Pug

Animal Care Cut

Cat Rescue Roasters

Animal Shelter Lance

Soli Dog Rescue

Dog Rescue Hound

Animal Rescue Diagnosis

Animal Rescue Silly

Animal Care Darkness

Cat Shelter Whey

Animal Health Asphalt


Moo Animal Rescue

Animal Society Promise

Animal Care It

Pet Rescue Marigold

Animal Care Saga

Dog Rescue Business

Animal Health Ten

Animal Care Ally

Pet Rescue Backer

Dog Shelter Tome

Animal Society Cucumber

Animal Health Seconds

Animal Rescue Publish

Animal Health Crossings

Pet Rescue Turtle

Mar Pet Rescue

Cat Shelter Seeker

Cat Shelter Exclusive

Dog Rescue Vixen

Dog Shelter Gardener

Cat Rescue Grand

Dog Rescue Web

Animal Rescue Creature

Pet Rescue Tusk

Animal Health Pretty

Cat Rescue Fair


Cat Rescue Reward

Cat Rescue Vines

Dog Rescue Brewer


Dog Rescue Perks

Animal Friends

Animal Society Fusion

Cat Shelter Piece

Animal Society Sign

Dog Rescue Speedway

Animal Shelter Fog

Cat Rescue Stellar

Animal Shelter Information

Cat Rescue Grab

Pet Rescue Teller

Cat Shelter Doctrine

Animal Care Extreme

Animal Rescue Fork

Animal Care Followers

Until Pet Rescue

Animal Rescue Page


Pet Rescue Fling

Animal Rescue Smarts

Animal Rescue Web

Animal Rescue Squeeze

Dog Rescue Areas

Animal Rescue Pounce

Animal Health Iguana

Pet Rescue Packet

Animal Shelter Curve

Dog Shelter Little

Dog Rescue Lab

Dog Rescue Purity

Cat Rescue Powers

Animal Rescue Poetry

Cat Shelter Cup

Animal Rescue Premier

Animal Society People

Dog Shelter Cyborg

Dog Shelter Daddy

Animal Health Wilderness

Animal Health Lucky

Dog Shelter Launcher

Cat Shelter Selves

Animal Care Destiny

Animal Rescue Ave

Animal Care Squirrel

Dog Rescue Gorge

Cat Shelter Lovable

Dog Shelter Gauge

Animal Rescue Fern

Pet Rescue Mono

Animal Care Efficacy

Pet Rescue Python

Animal Care Prairie

Animal Rescue Openings

Animal Society Ninety

Dog Shelter Usia

Dog Rescue Backing

Cat Rescue Nero

Animal Society Cougar

Animal Health Breakers

Animal Rescue Splash

Dog Rescue Alternative

Animal Rescue Tight

Animal Care Derby

Animal Society Alias

Dog Rescue Luge

Animal Society Reveal

Pet Rescue Meal

Pet Rescue Architect

Cat Shelter Erotic

Animal Shelter Trait

Pet Rescue Excellence

Animal Rescue Knoll

Pet Rescue Cells

Dog Rescue Rival


Animal Careful

Animal Rescue Schedule

Pet Rescue Goodies

Daw Dog Rescue

Dog Shelter Upward

Dog Shelter Elder

Animal Care Puppet

Lam Animal Society

Animal Rescue Bungalow

Cat Shelter Deputy

Animal Health Bottom

Animal Rescue Savage

Animal Shelter Lolly


If you want to start a rescue centre for animals and need a catchy animal rescue name, these animal shelter name ideas will enable you to find a perfect name.