Persuasive Policy Speech Topics

Persuasive Policy Speech Topics:  Are you lost in thoughts wondering which type of Policy Persuasive Speech Topics to write or talk about?

The thought of public speaking makes many people shy away. There are many ways to tame the fear especially if you are a college student or a professional speaker.

The best way to overcome the fear is to choose a topic that will engage the audience.

The Persuasive Policy Speech Topics should be broad enough, meaningful to your audience, and well researched.

Below you will find a collection of Persuasive Policy Speech Topics

Persuasive Policy Speech Topics

Abolish diplomatic immunity for criminal activities

Sticking to the scheduled work hours and no two-hour lunches

Longer periods of public holiday

K-12 students should learn a foreign language

Limit the President’s power to impose political sanctions on foreign nations Using the blocking of assets method and trade restrictions often are effective

State and church should be combined

Transgender law reforms to allow for more rights

What should be the minimum age for the voter?

Eliminate weapons-usable materials from stores and shops

The juvenile sentence is right

Weaving digital information into physical space The ability to reach out into the computer and manipulate digital objects

Why breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

Why China’s one-child policy violated basic human rights

Teaching feminism in high school

Western politicians should do more for the people on the African continent

It is an illusion that green jobs are contributing to the economy and environment

Form a military alliance with East Asian countries

Forbidding political organizations to speak on college campuses

Censorship of Music

Controlling the transportation fairs

Policy on gambling on sporting events

All voters should be required to show photo identification or a fingerprint

Corruption and bribery run today’s economy

Work Hours Plans

Designer children

Urban shelters could help the homeless survive

Russia is a growing threat

The dangers of using a cell phone while driving

Our foreign agenda for the United Nations

The European Union have a federal president

Emergency procedures at work and in public places

Should our prison system change

Enact laws to fight corruption in Africa to ensure economic growth and prosperity

Changing tenure for teachers

State requirement for physical education

Administrative divisions ought to provide meaningful opportunities for disabled persons to access

Positive discrimination and affirmative action

Prisoners’ Reforms

The right to search students’ personal property, like lockers and backpacks as part of the war on drugs

Reform on electing government representatives and MPs

Defense budget reduction

Social networks and our young generation

Giving children longer break periods

Teaching about evolution in schools

Enact harsh penalties against public offensive behavior

Provide safe alternatives to regular vehicular travel

Water is a hot issue in the Middle East

Artificial intelligence to grade school homework

Terrorists should be tried in military tribunals and not in the regular criminal justice system

The government should cooperate with China

Teaching pseudoscience in schools

Making all schools coed

The use of drugs in sport should be legalized

Regulations on applying safety devices

Putting controls in at transportation fairs

The Patriot Act

Emergency Procedures

Pension reform

Freedom of the press has gone too far

Do you think immigration laws need to be revised

Promote world literacy by adopting a school in developing nations

Traditional books or eBooks?

Domestic Violence Drug Policy

Reforms for the victims of flood disasters

Social Security Reform

Texting undermines vocabulary and the mental effort that intelligent writing necessitates

Agricultural Policy

Importance of safety harnesses

Policy Persuasive Speech Topics

Welfare mothers should be treated as working mothers

Tax exemptions on church property should be used for charitable and community work only

Reforming loopholes in tax laws

The Right To Know Law

Mandatory testing for drugs in the workplace

National Tobacco Settlement

Censoring certain forms of violent music

Gender-based discrimination

Political organizations should be forbidden at campuses

We need an international forestry agency

Guarantee free personal care for people with the highest needs and serious diseases

Stop child slave labor

Foreign Policy

Health Care Policy

The Kyoto Protocol does not effectively address carbon emission

Is nuclear power the answer to the energy crisis?

Recycling Rules

Should surrogate motherhood be allowed?

Allowing for a greater amount of CCTV in public places

The right to die laws

Juvenile delinquents should be sentenced to bootcamp

Discrimination in the workplace based on hair color

It should be more difficult to get a divorce

Cut import taxes for tourists in towns that need more income revenues

Reasons for the increase in kidnapping by parents

Discontinue medically drugs that are unnecessary

Parents should not spank their children

The use of surveillance cameras in public places, such as parking lots Good idea or violation of privacy?

Everyone should have free access to some health care services

Single parents should not be allowed to adopt children

Shut down all domestic internet traffic for state security reasons

Health insurance, a must for all citizens

Nepotism in government

Changing whistleblower procedures

Funding for wildlife conservation

Drug Testing In The Workplace

Welfare reform

Banning the ten commandments in US courtrooms

Media producers should not prosecute students for downloading music education

Financial aid for underprivileged students

Company policies on electricity usage

US policy toward Cuba

Enforcing better hygiene standards

No-fly lists of airliners do have a lack of accuracy

Why smokers deserve rights

Reform on voting practices

Pollution and banning car racing

Bribery in government

Improving the economic infrastructure is the key to Middle East stability

Ban car racing in mass pollution areas

Downsizing Schools/Classrooms

Financial education is important in today’s world

Election reform

Why invading North Korea is a no go plan

Law reforms on free speech

Punish severely pupils taking drugs

Technical Loopholes in Law

Employers should have the right to know a co-worker has HIV

Reforms on justice law

Defence budgets and policies

Legalizing prostitution could avoid campus date rape incidents

Racism and Racial Slurs (1st Amendment)

Priorities for public security and defense

Environmental sciences

We must ensure greater protection for marine environment biodiversity through international protocols

Economic productivity vs individual prosperity

There is nothing wrong with Double Dipping in collecting retirement pensions and company paycheck at the same time

Expanding Oil and Gas Drilling

Euthanasia should be allowed and should be legal

Warrantless search and seizure must be allowed in the war on drugs and narcotics

Make recycling mandatory to help the environment

Why cities should insist on having their own local economic development policy

Parents should have to obtain a license for having children

Private space travel should not be encouraged

The possibility of cars sharing data with other cars to avoid accidents Does that encroach on privacy?

Art Censorship

Impose a second home ownership tax

Defense budget priorities

The government should spend more money to explore space solar systems

Client Complaints Procedures

Sanctions on Myanmar are largely ineffective

Rules on recycling

Legalizing the sale of human organs could help reduce the lack of organ donors

Does home-schooling result in children missing the social interaction and growth necessary at that age?

Policy Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

School Uniforms

Hygiene Standards

Language Policy

Teachers and Tenure

Legalization of prostitutes and brothels

Agricultural subsidies damage African nations

Illegalizing sexist images of women on the internet

Taxing the super-rich

Should we outlaw modifying genes or should we allow biotech interventions?

We should spend more money to improve highways and railroads

Garbage recycling should be required

Nationalize oil spilling companies and seize all oil resources

Procedures for client complaints

The importance of blood donation

Men and women speak a different language of love

Good governance means openness, transparency, and accountability

Changing the minimum age for voting in general elections

Obstruction of Justice Laws

Teenage pregnancy affects the future of both the child and the mother

Prisoner reforms

Financial Assistance for Students

Maintaining Discipline in the Campus

Tackling gender-based discrimination in the workplace

Voter registration and absentee ballot

Change K- School Start Times

Female Genital Mutilation

Corruption in politics

The morning-after pill should be freely prescribed in drugstores and pharmacies

Guarantee fundamental rights for victims of cybercrime

Immigration Policies

Aggregate productivity

How CMC (Computer-Mediated Communication) affects the workplace

Reforming health care policies

Freedom of Expression / Freedom of Speech

Whistleblower Procedure

Tell people to vote! Individual votes matter

Stop clothing and textiles sweatshops

Crime Prevention

Corruption in the economy

Public procedures for natural disasters

Abortion law reform

Policies on language

Police and the community should join efforts to prevent crime

Foreign agenda priorities for the UN

The responsibility of children’s actions

Changing kindergarten school start times

Should there be stronger limits on immigration?

We should spend 07 % of our gross national income on projects of international development

Limiting of parliamentary jargon and esoteric terms

There is nothing wrong with the contents of the Ten Commandments

Break Periods

Police Brutality

An international certification system for diamond exploration prevents conflict-diamonds trade

Problem policy speech topics discussion in classrooms

Harassment Precautions

Stop and search protocols

VA Demerit Point System (driving)

The importance of newspapers in our daily life

Reform of social security

Laws on medical examination

Every nation should accommodate asylum seekers who are entering the country with a legal visa?

Ensure that the foods served are nutritionally balanced

Strengthening teen dating violence laws

Grocery store shelves filled with foods made with genetically modified ingredients without GMO labels are essential to help you make a decision

Visitation Rules at your University/College

Attendance Policies

We should not allow that the poor sell their organs for money

Privacy Codes

Pay-for-performance salary for teachers

Prohibit airliners to charge extra carry-on luggage fees

Identification Protocols

Special privileges for working women

Increasing the amount of government charitable contributions

Organ donation after death should be encouraged

Policies on cyclist mandatory helmet wearing

Teen Dating Violence Laws Strengthened

Combining the church and state

Flood victims’ reforms

Banning smoking in public places

The involvement of animals in research should be minimized, there are alternatives

Corporations should have an accountability policy

Teaching sex education in schools

Common Agricultural Policy

Making meals in school completely free

Affirmative Action

Trying Children as Adults

Smokers should be treated like drug addicts

Mandatory drug tests for students

Climate Change Policy

Why restaurants that fail the health inspection the first time should be closed down

Censoring of the internet

Offer appropriate and affordable housing to all citizens

Feminists should be terminated

Subliminal messages in movies and TV ads

Voting System (electoral college)

Blood transfusions for Jehovah’s Witnesses

Should the death penalty be abolished?

Drug policy

Regulations to encourage healthy weight conditions among our youth

Homeschooling children shouldn’t be allowed

Support scholarship programs for street kids and at-risk kids


Recycling should be the cornerstone of the environment policy course of action

List of Policy Persuasive Speech Topics

Job Discrimination based on Hair Color/Style

Parents should be held responsible for their children’s actions

Women in the Military

Why we will rely on robots

The protection of hate speech

Our constitution should protect hate speech

School physical education should be required

Does the Internet mean the death of newspapers?

The age that children can undergo surgery to change their gender

Trying children in the legal system as adults

Mandatory ID cards for all citizens

Equal Employment Opportunities

Provide everywhere in our town access for people with disabilities Parking, sanitary and access to a building

Changing classroom sizes

Reforms for public pensions

Global Warming Laws

The importance of homeschooling for mentally and physically enabled children

Privatisation of prisons

The censorship of art in museums and public places

Attendance policy practice in school and at the workplace

Eminent Domain

Increasing the length of lunch breaks at work

Gun ownership rights and the sale of guns in stores

Skateboarding Policies

Initiate a self-regulatory policy for the media

Mandatory school uniforms

Implement bullying policies

Medical Examination

Housing, hiring, and education must be equal for all

Adoptees Right-to-Know Law

Why meals in school should be free

Videotaping In The Workplace

Merit Pay for Teachers

Tolerance and racial slurs

Sensor policy on the use of the internet

Reducing poverty by fixing the living environment and housing

Laws on forms of physical and emotional harassment

Reforming the patriot act

Law reforms on acid attacks

Subsidies for agriculture

Allowing transgender people in the military

Parliamentary terms should be limited

Policy to avoid betting in sporting events

Company policy on computer usage

Should teachers be graded

Unfair police brutality