LGBT Persuasive Speech Topics

LGBT Persuasive Speech Topics: The LGBT community is very controversial. It is a community that has not been fully accepted in a number of countries.

The LGBT is considered immoral. We have friends, brothers, and sisters who have chosen to follow that path.

In most cases, we find ourselves taking sides or judging before hearing their story. We cannot ignore them forever as they are humans and have feelings too.

If you are searching for LGBT Persuasive Speech Topics to speak about, I am sure you will find a topic below.

LGBT Persuasive Speech Topics

Lesbian and gay history– at what point did sexual behavior come to be seen as an identity?

Sexual orientation– what does biological research tell us about it?

The role parents play in a child joining the LGBT community

What the gay rights movement learned from the civil rights movement

How to talk to early childhood kids about LGBT families/ partners in the classroom.

The history of how LGBTQA people have or have not been integrated into the priesthood of a particular faith

How the nonbinary identity differs from the transgender identity

The negative effects of victimization of LGBT adolescents.

How poor parenting links to the increased cases of lesbians and gays?

The impact LGBT parents have on their children.

The discrimination and treatment of LGBT people in the workplace.

Same-sex marriage — who supports it, who opposes it

Opposition to gay rights

LGBTQ themes/ homosexuality in the Bible

The danger of hiding who you are

Non-discrimination policy for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) patients.

Gender identity and American cultural norms

Lesbian and gay history– was there a time period and location in which the social climate was more accepting of same-sex attraction and desire?

What does the Bible say about Homosexuality?

LGBTQA marches and political movements

How sexual orientation (who you’re attracted to) differs from gender identity (who you are)

Biography of a specific person in history whose trans identity or same-sex attraction was known or documented

Legal rights of transgender people

LGBTQA pioneers and activists

Same-sex marriages will never be accepted both biblically and nature

LGBTQA mental health; research shows LBGTQA people have higher overall rates of depression, anxiety, and substance abuse disorders

Marriage of LGBTQA people to heterosexuals in order to “pass” (especially in traditional cultures)

The effect of police brutality on the LGBT community

Why businesses shouldn’t discriminate against LGBT people.

Should the laws be more lenient on LGBT community rights?

How to talk (and listen) to transgender people

Reducing suicide cases in the LGBT community.

Contrast how LGBTQA people are treated in other countries compared to the United States

Technology is the most powerful tool leading to an increased number of gays and lesbians

Is the transgender phenomenon fathomable?

How the worst moments in our lives make us who we are

The gender bias: how LGBT men and women are treated differently in law, media, and social interactions.

The controversy surrounding same-sex marriages

How are LGBT families represented in advertising?

Impact of social media on LGBT.

LGBTQA couples of differing nationalities– can they live in the same country?

Domestic violence is a leading cause of an increased number of gays and lesbians in modern society

Why do kids need to learn about gender and sexuality

LGB history– the influence of cultural norms and attitudes of a specific century or decade, and how/why people hid their feelings of same-sex attraction

The discrimination challenges LGBT children to face

Awareness to minimize cases of LBGT bullying

Bisexuality and issues that are unique to bisexual people

Domestic violence in the LGBT community.

Persuasive Speech Topics about LGBT

LGBT community should be respected as other sectors in civil society.

LGBT families are naturally immoral

This is what LGBT life is like around the world

Compare and contrast laws and culture within Asian countries– which are the most friendly to LGBTQ people

Same-sex marriages should be legalized

How does poverty affect the LGBT community?

Violence against gays and lesbians and how to minimize the cases

The rates of drug use/addiction in LGBT communities.

Homophobia within the LGBT community.

Should there be an anti-discrimination law to protect the LGBT community?

Integration of the LGBT community into the US military.

How does the African American community view homosexuality?

LGBT communities and urban change.

Injustice against LGBT youth in juvenile courts.

The increased use of drug use and abuse within the LGBT community

New reproductive technologies for LGBTQA people

What new elements have LGBTQA people brought to a particular faith

Why do we need gender-neutral bathrooms

How to raise awareness for the LGBT community in Texas.

The LGBT culture should be banned before it becomes a menace

Gays and lesbians have rights and emotions, too

The plight of the church when counseling the LGBT community.

Every college should have an LGBT center.

Adoption rights for LGBT couples.

A queer vision of love and marriage

How people who identify as non-binary navigate a world that sees gender in binary terms

Violence and bullying of LGBTQA people

The story of a parent’s transition and a son’s redemption

Raising awareness of LGBT bullying.

Problems same-sex marriages encounter

The LGBT community should have rights like everyone else

How does racial exclusion happen in the LGBT community?

How well does the medical establishments treat transgender people?

How does the church view same-sex marriages?

How Television portrays the issue of Homosexuality?

This tennis icon paved the way for women in sports

The challenges gays and lesbians face on an everyday basis

Do LGBT families experience domestic violence?

How does bullying in high school impact LGBT student’s sense of belonging in a school setting?

The decay of the society owing to the increased number of same-sex marriages

How to prevent suicide among LGBT community youths?

History of bisexuality– at what point was it recognized as an identity?

Gender nonconforming children in schools

Asexuality– what is means, how it is often misunderstood

Lesbian and gay parenting

How does language empower and disempower the LGBT community?