Best Kids Picnic Tables

Best Kids Picnic Tables: Do you love going for a picnic? If the answer is yes then I believe there are always challenges when going out for a picnic with your children more so when finding a comfortable picnic environment.

Normally one carries mats or uses what is provided at the camping site. In most cases, you find them not so much comfortable for your child. This is why you start searching for the best picnic table for kids to have a memorable outdoor adventure with your children. The best decision you can make is to buy a kid’s picnic table.

The Kid’s picnic tables are normally designed to be portable, light in weight and have a foldable design that makes storage and transportation easy. The children picnic tables, therefore, will not be a burden when you going out for a picnic with your kids.


Which are the best kid picnic tables?

We have come up with a list of the best kid’s picnic tables available on the market that you can purchase.

Best Kids Picnic Tables

Below are some of the best indoor and outdoor picnic tables for kids

White Foldable Children’s Picnic Table – Kid’s Plastic Picnic Table

Kid’s Plastic Picnic Table

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This Kid’s Plastic Picnic Table is well designed for kids to gather around the picnic table and enjoy snacks and have fun activities. The Children’s Picnic Table can be used both indoors and outdoors. It can be used from the kitchen, within the garden to the beach. Basically the uses this Kid’s Plastic Picnic Table is vast.

The innovative design of KidNic picnic table makes it easy to be folded with ease, for convenient storage or transportation.

Setting up the Kid’s Plastic Picnic Table takes less time, in 20 seconds you are done. The plastic picnic table is designed to be compact, making it easy to be used in small playrooms, terraces or patios.

The picnic table is designed to support the weight of up to 600 lbs. The tables come when it is fully assembled and therefore it does not require tools or any extra parts.

More about the Kid’s Plastic Picnic Table

  • It’s made of 100 percent plastic making it durable and easy to keep clean.
  • Ideal for kids at family barbecues, backyard picnics and more.
  • The KidNic Children’s Picnic Table is reliable and can be used almost anywhere.
  • The Table measures 36″L x 16.75″W x 21.5″H
  • It is simple to use and uses very minimal space
  • It comes completely assembled and requires no extra parts
  • The Bench dimensions are 36″L x 5.5″W x 13″H.
  • Intelligent folding design allows storage virtually anywhere
  • Supports a weight of up to 600 lbs

Little Colorado Child’s Picnic Table – Unfinished Toddler Picnic Table

children's plastic picnic table

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This is one of the best outdoor picnic tables for children. It is a perfect toddler-sized picnic table for both outdoor and indoor and use.

The table is designed to be stable and strong capable of supporting 200 pounds. It comes partially assembled therefore making it easy for you to complete the process with just a few bolts that are provided.

The hardware component provided gives the best weather resistance as it is made from zinc and nickel.

It comes in different colors to choose from, and the colors are Sherwin Williams water-based latex house paint, which is safe for your toddler and will hold up to the elements.

When not in use, it is advisable to store the kid’s picnic table, indoors to be able to extend its life.

More about the toddler picnic table

  • Perfect for kids aged between two and seven years
  • Handcrafted of solid Montana pine wood with rounded edges and safety in mind.
  • Tops and seats are pre-assembled
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • You can have own custom colors
  • Compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act
  • It is made in America
  • Easy assembly
  • Solid wood

Lifetime 60132 Children’s Oval Picnic Table – Black Friday picnic table for kids

picnic table for kids

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This picnic table for kids gives your children a place to enjoy their meals and a place to have fun. It will be an ideal place for the children to call their own.

This children’s picnic table gives the kids a comfortable place for four children. The picnic table is easy to fold, making it easy to store as well as transport.

The picnic table is constructed using high-density polyethylene and powder-coated steel. The table is stain resistant, UV-protected and easy to clean.

The table is designed in such a way that it will not crack, chip, or peel with its superior strength and durability.

It is ideal for ages three to eight years old.

Requires some assembly and comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

More about the picnic table for kids

  • Can comfortably seat four children
  • Ideal for children of ages 3 to 8
  • Folds easily for easy storage
  • Features long lasting High Strength Low Alloy steel frame with all-weather finish
  • It is designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • It features a UV-Protected top and the benches are stain-resistant and easy to clean
  • Requires some assembly
  • Comes with a 2-year limited manufacturer warranty

Merry Garden Kids Wooden Picnic Bench Outdoor Patio Dining Table

children picnic tables

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This Wooden Kids Picnic Table is a classic Kids Picnic table made out of Canadian Hemlock. The Picnic Table comes unfinished making it ready to be painted. Its rounded edges are designed to be children safe.

The children picnic table is designed to seat up to four kids and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

It also requires very minimal assembly.

More about the Kids Wooden Picnic Bench

  • The Unfinished wood is ideal to customize as needed!
  • Best for indoor and outdoor use
  • It can seat up to 4 kids
  • Features a beautiful and timeless design
  • Made out of Canadian Hemlock

Step2 Naturally Playful Picnic Table with Umbrella

kid picnic table with umbrella

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Step2 Naturally playful picnic table with umbrella is a classic picnic table for kids designed to fit into any kind of backyard.

The picnic table is ideal for children who are 3 years and up. The realistic sandstone and paver styled picnic table features a removable 5′ wide umbrella. The wide contoured benches can comfortably seat six kids.

The rugged molded plastic is easy to clean and resists fading.

The table is ideal for picnics, projects and games.

More about the Picnic Table with Umbrella

  • Takes a maximum weight 300 lbs
  • Requires minimal adult assembly
  • Classic design that is able to fit all types of backyards
  • Features an easy to clean tabletop
  • Best for indoor or outdoor use

Little Tikes Fold ‘N Store Picnic Table – Children’s Picnic Table with Umbrella

picnic table for toddlers

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Fold ‘n Store Picnic Table with umbrella is the ultimate kid’s table. The unique four-sided table is best for games, snacks, picnics, crafts, and more.

The picnic table is designed to be of the right size for your kid. It helps the kids to develop social skills while they play.

More about the kids bench table

  • Its compact design makes it easy to store as well as hang on the wall.
  • To fold flat, you must remove the screws
  • It features a center hole that holds a blue Little Tikes Market Umbrella.
  • Its natural look and color makes it to easily blend with the outdoor furniture.
  • Made in USA
  • It is designed to comfortably seat 6 to 8 children comfortably

Step2 Sit and Play Kids Picnic Table with Umbrella

toddlers picnic table

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This kid’s picnic table with an umbrella is well designed for a playdate picnic under the shade. The picnic table folds easily for easy storage.

The picnic table is designed to be strong, sturdy, and long-lasting. It is also kid-tested to be able to withstand wear and tear for many years to come.

The table can comfortably hold four kids. This helps the kids to develop social skills as they play.

The picnic table is made in the U.S.A.

When disassembled the picnic table is able to fold flat for easy storage.

The removable umbrella enables you to take the versatile kids picnic table indoors for indoor family gatherings.


It does not matter the occasion, get the best picnic table for kids. You can also what out for Black Friday picnic table for kids or Cyber Monday deals on picnic table for kids