Best Curl Sponge

Best Curl Sponge: Life is just amazing, there are those people who have natural curls, and others have to struggle to get them.

If you want to have those curls on your hair, all is not lost, you can do it with the best sponge brushes.

The hair textures curl differently and that’s where the best sponges for hair come in to define that hair curl you want. These sponge brush will make your hairstyle look like its a million bucks.

Finding the best curl sponge for short hair or best curl sponge for long hair sometimes can be a difficult task. That’s why we have reviewed the best curl sponge brushes that will give you that perfect curl.

Best Curl Sponge Brush – Types of Sponge Brushes

Find the best types of sponge brushes available on the market that will help you define your curls.

Nudred the Original Blue Hair/Dread Sponge – Nudred sponge

Types of Sponge Brushes

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The invention of NuDred has completely revolutionized the hair care industry. The nudred sponge is your perfect bet in giving you that hairstyle that you need.

The nudred sponge is not only a tool but a lifestyle. It will enable you to be creative with your hair every single day of your life.

NuDred sponge will give you that curl, twist, and lock on your hair that you have always desired.

The sponge brush is easy to use. By just using a circular motion on your hair, you will create that twist, curl and lock within just minutes.

More about the NuDred sponge              

  • It will enable you to create that hairstyle you have always wanted
  • It is a highly recommended product and used by barbers
  • It is the ORIGINAL hair sponge for twisting, curling or coiling your hair.
  • Made in the USA with natural, active and pharmaceutical grade ingredients

Beauty7 Oval Double-sided Two in One Magic Twist Sponge Hair Brush – Best Hair Sponge

Best Hair Sponge

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The Beauty7 Oval Double-sided Two in One Magic Twist Sponge Hair Brush is best for Twists, Afros, Coils, and Dreadlocks. This best hair sponge works best on hair that is slightly damp. To use the hair sponge, apply some of your styling products. Use the sponge and go in a circular motion across your head. Do it in one direction only and in minutes you will have your perfect curls.

More about the best hair sponge

  • Special 2 in one design
  • Best on damp hair
  • It helps to bring out the natural curls
  • It will get your hair twisted
  • Gives you a barber’s professional

RioRand Magic Twist Hair Brush Curl Sponge Tornado Locking Afro Curling Coil Comb Hair Care Tool

Best Curl Sponge

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RioRand Magic Twisting Hair Brush Sponge is a premium Hair Brush Sponge for dread locking and Afro. It is one of the best curl sponge that will help you twist your hair anytime and anywhere.

The hair sponge works best on hair that is slightly damp. When using, apply your styling product to the sponge or hair, use the sponge and go in a circular motion on your head in one direction. You will have your perfectly formed twists in minutes.

The RioRand Magic Twist Hair Brush Sponge is powered by the RioRand Advanced Technology. The curly sponge is designed using environmental protection material which are soft and friendly and it does not cause any damage to your hair and scalp.

More about the hairbrush

  • Ideal for Dreads and Afro
  • It does not cause damage to your hair or scalp
  • Enables you to create a professional hairstyle


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